Best And Worst Domain Registrars – My Review 2013

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Please note that I do have to disclose that I do have advertisements which I earn money from for on my blog which is one of the registrars that I am reviewing. However I display their ads because it is a company I like and respect and I do my best to try not to be biased and I give my reasoning for my choices below. Links in the following text are not affiliate links and will not earn me money.

The Best –

I have been with for almost 10 years now and they have always been my favorite and I don’t think they have ever let me down. Everything is easy with and their prices are almost always reasonable. They may not always be the cheapest but in the long run I definitely feel like they have saved me money. When I say that everything is easy I mean that they have actually put some thought into their user interface and it’s remained almost the same for the time I have been an account holder there. My initial reason for joining was to simply register my first domain without using my web host and at the time I looked at all the available registrars and found to be the most reasonable.

At the time of writing this review their price to register a .com domain is $10.99 and the renewal cost for a .com domain is also $10.99. A quick Google search will also reveal some potential coupon codes I could use to save some money if needed. Some might say “Well, it’s only $11 per year?”, which is true, it’s really not that much money, but when you get to 10 domains that amount quickly jumps to over $100 per year and I myself am currently sitting on 74 domains in my account alone which can cost a lot to renew which is why it is important for me to find the best registrar.

I would also like to add that doing routine things such as dns changes, nameserver updates and registrar transfers is extremely simple with and I don’t feel forced in any way to use them, I feel that if they did do something I would be free to leave without any problems.

I also love their slogan which I find to be true “Most importantly, we’ve been giving a $#*! since 2003!”.

The Worst –

I recently had a bit of an argument with GoDaddy where I was unable to transfer my domain to I have never really liked GoDaddy but I have learned to deal with them since many domain sellers like to use GoDaddy when selling and transferring domains. The reason for not being able to transfer my domain was because the previous owner of that domain used a service called DomainsByProxy with added protection which basically prevented me from transferring my domain. I even contacted GoDaddy support about the issue since I had never came across this issue before and it took several emails before they sent me in the right direction, however it required me to send a photocopy of my ID and other personal information in order to get the “protection” removed. Here is a nice guide on how to transfer a domain protected by Domains By Proxy in case someone else has the same problem. This final blow caused me to transfer all my domains which I had with GoDaddy over to which I had told them I would if I kept receiving poor support.

Some may say that this Domains By Proxy is necessary to protect domain owners, however I feel that it’s a step in the wrong direction as well as a way for GoDaddy to further exploit their customers for more money. A domain owner should not need to pay to be protected, instead the domain registrar should straighten up and work on fixing their own security holes. I suggest that if Godaddy want’s to provide added security they should provide phone verification as google does or email verification on login as provides.

That is the latest reason which I dislike GoDaddy however there are many other things. To begin with their interface is terrible, huge dropdown menus make things hard to find and their domain manager is not part of the main website but a separate application which is also hard to navigate and difficult to get out from when done. Changing nameservers or updating contact information is also complicated due to weird popups and extra verification notices which seem extremely redundant. It is also hard to find where things are, it’s like someone said “well, this could go here i guess” and just threw things together.

Next up, their prices, whenever I get a notice to renew my domain I get shocked at the price and feel a bit cheated. Sure it’s nice to save $1 and register a GoDaddy domain for $9.99 but my latest renewal cost was $14.99 for the domain which I instead decided to transfer to and renew there for only $8.25. If I had my domains with GoDaddy I would be paying about $300 more per year when renewing them. Also if I see a renewal notice and think to myself “Ah, I’ll let that domain expire” as I have done many times I will sometimes find out later that the automatic renewal was checked and suddenly I was charged with a $14.99 fee for a domain which I did not want, this has happened more than once. So make sure to login and check to see if auto renewal is on before you try to let that domain expire. Or simply transfer it and you won’t have to deal with the countless of GoDaddy spam emails telling you to renew or their sales team which will occasionally call you to make sure you are receiving the spam and if you need any help adding your credit card info to your account.

The reason which I originally decided to join GoDaddy was because I purchased a domain from someone and it was easy to push the domain from one GoDaddy account to another. I have been with GoDaddy for about 6 years.

That’s enough about GoDaddy for now, please feel free to share your own experiences.

Other Registrars


NameCheap is a nice registrar with good prices. I have had an account with them for about 5 years, mainly for domain transfers for purchased domains. I have found nothing wrong with them but I do prefer the interface over their interface which I also find slightly hard to navigate although it’s not too bad.


I mainly joined Enom as a reseller about 5 years ago. I have hosted many clients domains with this registrar and found them easy to use and it’s fairly quick to get to the nameserver editor for example. I would say the interface is easier to use but Enom is probably just as easy if you get use to them. I do feel that the prices can be a little higher at times and it may be harder to find discounts.

Your Web Host/Designer/Developer

Letting your web host own the domain for you is sometimes nice, especially if they give you discounts when combining this with your hosting costs. However always be careful when letting a web host, designer or developer own your domains. It is always good to ask if you have direct access to the domain so that you are free to transfer them without talking to the web host or designer, in case there is a dispute. However if you feel that you can trust the person or company then go for it!

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About Markus Tenghamn


Markus Tenghamn is a programmer and entrepreneur currently studying computer science at Mälardalens University (MDH), Sweden, in addition to being a big part of several new and innovative startups. Markus has pursued web development for over 10 years and started his first ecommerce website at the age of 17. At the moment Markus is responsible for developing MDH Schedule iPhone app (unofficial) and sync server which let's students see their course schedules right on their phone. In addition to other projects, he is a volunteer for SFSFUM (Meeting for student unions in Sweden) where he developed an app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 which gives participants maps with direction and event information. He has also been a finalist for the Rising Star scholarship awarded by Östsvenska Handelskammaren for course projects at MDH.

Markus's latest startup is called Anveto AB (, an innovative analytics and marketing platform which will bring truly unique and new ideas to companies looking to increase revenue.

In his spare time Markus prefers to write about web development, app development and startups on his blog at When he is not doing that he loves to read about AI, chaos theory, space and quantum mechanics.


  1. avatar

    In this case Im with Godaddy as they takecare of their customers.

    • avatar

      Really? no wait REALLLLLLYYYYYY?

      • avatar

        That company is a scam, Iwantmyname took my money and my domain, do not use them at all, go elsewhere, is a scam.

    • avatar

      Check out my latest back and forth with GoDaddy… This is strike 3 for me:

      You’re chatting with Kat.
      Kat –
      Hi there, my name is Kat, how can I help you today?
      Jason –
      Hi Kat… Maybe you can help me. I clicked on a email sponsored link for a new 0.99 domain. When I get to the shopping cart it says ‘We can only offer such great promotions by limiting them to one per customer. It looks as if you’ve already used this type of promotion.’ I have not uses anylinks… when I called they were unwilling to help me.
      Kat –
      I can take a look into that for you, one moment
      Jason –
      thank you
      Jason –
      Any luck?
      Jason –
      I’ve found this promotion all over the web in addition to my email… Every time I try to use it I get that error.
      Kat –
      I do see that you have used a .99 domain discount on the account previously that is why you are seeing that message. All .99 discounts are limited to only 1 per account, even if the codes are different. I am sorry
      Kat –
      You had used the code previously on ***************.INFO on 8/25/2009
      Jason –
      In 2009! LOL
      Jason –
      seriously… that was 6 years ago.
      Kat –
      Unfortunately it is limited to one .99 discount per account regardless of how long ago it has been. I am sorry
      Jason –
      I just don’t understand why you would send out a promotion and then not honor it? I’m in the marketing world and this is very poor practice.
      Jason –
      You guys should rethink that… and or stop sending those promotions
      Kat –
      I am sorry you feel that way, but those codes are from our affiliates for the .99 domains. I am sorry
      Jason –
      Godaddy is your business. You should take some responsibility for your affiliates instead of passing the buck. I’ve been a long time customer and feel I’m being punished for my loyalty. I know it’s not your fault, Kat. But you should tell who you report to that intend to post this story to your facebook page and to my blog and I’m sure I’m not the only one..
      Kat –
      Is there anything else I can help you with today?
      Kat –
      I will be sure to pass your feedback along. Thank you
      Jason –
      Not unless you are going to honor your promotion
      Kat –
      Unfortunately I cannot as this is within the restrictions for those .99 discounts. I am sorry
      Jason –
      Not your fault I’m sure, I just don’t know what you guys are thinking on this one. Do you think people are going to click on the link expecting a price, get a different price in the cart with an error message and they will just throw up there hands and then pay 14 times the price?
      Jason –
      I know you’re just in sales, but WOW…
      Kat –
      Do you have the email from us with that discount that you can forward over to me so I can review it?
      Jason –
      It’s a sponsored link: The url is:
      Jason –
      Jason –
      which is a “godaddy” url
      Jason –
      which means… you created this link
      Jason –
      No where does it say that this is only good for brand new customers.
      Jason –
      of course in the inception of GoDaddy any old customer is going to have used a promo code at some point…
      Kat –
      It is not limited to new customers the only limitation on the discount is once per account. As long as they have not used a .99 discount previously they will not be restricted from the discount.
      Jason –
      yes, but any customer that has been with your for 6 years will have used a similar code at some point.
      Jason –
      so… you are really only targeting brand new people, but blanketing this promo to everyone.
      Jason –
      to exclude all those older customers after they reach the shopping cart and gone through the whole sales process is really shady. no?
      Jason –
      You guys should be better than that.
      Kat –
      I am sorry that there was some confusion on this type of discount, but unfortunately with the restrictions of 1 per account we cannot honor this as it is breaking the restrictions that are set on this type of discount. I am sorry.
      Jason –
      Again, respectfully… Because this is not your fault personally Kat
      Kat –
      I understand, thank you. I will pass your feedback along.
      Jason –
      Thank you Kat… Have a great day.
      Kat –
      You as well.
      Kat –
      Thank you for using Live Chat. To help us serve you better, please take a moment to complete a short survey. It will display as you close the chat by clicking the chat bubble at the top right of the screen.
      Thanks for chatting. Please click the “Close” icon, and then tell us how we did. (Terribly!!!) LOL

  2. avatar

    Just went with I’m glad I did. Really nice interface. Transferring my domain was so simple. Thanks for the review.

  3. avatar

    Hi Markus,
    Thanks for sharing, I m investigating this point in particular, maybe that can be a next blog object:
    Friendliest interface for domina name management, I’m using domainrightnow, now, and Imust say I’m getting a bit borred with overcomplicated interface. I merely use 3 params usually: all in all. I register a name, and point it to the server it will e hosted too changing the DNS Ips. or, park it for a while.
    I only have a few domains name (I m not a large list manager) eventhough, why doo we have to deal with 1/2 million parameters that we merly will modify, tons of things that most of us – I believe – would not dare modify unless you need to or know what you are doing.
    Too bad is that most Registrar name will not display screens of their Panel, just like Hosting who want to advertise for their Cpanel or equivalent. It would be great to have a review about those Panels in itself and just for the mere change we do need to do ..and for the very few times we have to deal with a change….once every 6 months or so ? nop ? What do you think. I’ll prob. get a try at now that you mention about it. Too bad you have to buy and get to know the product only after that !
    Cheers, Eric – Bolivia

  4. avatar

    I think both and are good sites. If I had to chose I would go with Go Daddy just based on personal preferences. Nice write up!

  5. avatar is where I register my domains, its just $11 and it includes free whois privacy, free email account, and some extras, just moved all my domains over there :)

  6. avatar

    Melbourne IT are arguably the worst on the planet. Try getting them to transfer out a domain! After going through the motions to release a domain, you email the confirmation.. then nothing, no response. You follow up, no response. You raise a new call to query the transfer in process and alas they have no record of ANY transfer out requests on the domain. You try again, it happens again. You ask to remove domain privacy to complain to ICANN, no response. Shocking customer service. AVOID. Domain is still with them, and now the records are all pointing to holding page rather than the site and exchange server. What can I do? Cry online.

  7. avatar

    I would say for the free features :)

    Free WhoisGuard
    Free custom NameServer (IP of your any website server)

    Price are good

    $1 Transfert deals are just crazy!

    Interface is simple but is more convinient with less features. Prices are actually good. Not For .TV! :) Coupons are keeping them into to the run but… Regular Prices are getting up to often! I think they try to make you think that theyre coupon are LOCO.. But they only drop the price to almost competition fees…

    Best thing is to become a Domain Reseller and take advantage of all the good prices :)
    I mean only if your owning more than 200 Domains! 😉

  8. avatar

    Thanx markus I moved all domain names to they are best registrar in my local but i noticed that they are offering free domain add-ons worth $100 whcih is paid in GoDaddy and some other popular domain Registrar… Do you think these add-ons really worth for $100?

  9. avatar

    My experience with 1and1 1&1
    3 days before the domain expired, I turned on auto-renew for a domain, and updated the payment information. Next thing I know, the domain has expired. I call support (they pick up promptly, and I don’t have to go through a menu to reach a live person). In order to authenticate, they ask for MY PASSWORD. How very unprofessional. Who is running this place? They say they will resolve the issue and contact me within 24 hours. 32 hours later, I call them back. It is still with their “transfers team”. I ask them how long it will take for them to resolve this and contact me, and he says another 24 hours. He asks me what domain this is for, and I tell him I want to hear from them what domain this is for, since they are supposed to be handling this case. He tells me the wrong domain, one that is still active. What an idiot. They obviously don’t know what they are doing. Their control panel is overly complicated, slow as molasses, and geared towards your using them as a hosting provider as well. They may not be as bad as godaddy, but you can do better.

  10. avatar

    I had a good experience with godaddy about a decade ago…left ’em…
    …suckered by REGISTER.COM who gave me a domain for .50 the first year,
    and PARKING only for for $FOUR/MO – deliberately failing to disclose that the
    2nd year of registration (not hosting) was $THIRTY-EIGHT for the 2nd year….
    …am switching abruptly back to GODADDY…. and….filing a complaint with ICANN
    re REGISTER.COM’s deceptive and unfair practices…

  11. avatar

    I like the idea of using but I am a little skeptical of customer support that’s not 24-7 and can take “3 business days” to respond.

  12. avatar

    We now offer 50% discount at for new domain registrations.

  13. avatar

    I wonder what happened to the domains registered to I moved mine over there last year and the company seems to have gone out of business. My domain wasn’t in active use so I’m not suffering but it’s scary to think about what would happen if I had a business built around the domain. A check of WhoIs shows that it’s unavailable but not assigned to any registrar.

    • avatar

      Just discovered that the registrar is apparently Public Domain Registry. I’ve emailed this company requesting the name of it’s partner servicing my account.

  14. avatar

    Stay away from Domain Monger. I have been a customer of theirs since 2005. Three times they’ve lost my DNS settings over the years. Yesterday, I decided enough is enough and tried to transfer my domains to a different registrar only to find out that Domain Monger transferred my domains (without my knowledge) to a different registrar when they auto renewed. Now I’m being told that they cannot be transferred within 60 days of the transfer date. Ray, the jerk that runs the home based business named Domain Monger, lied and told me ICAAN recently changed the regulations so domains that were renewed within 60 days could not be transferred. He did not want to admit he transferred the domain instead of simply renewing it. Plus he also said he doesn’t know how my DNS info was changed and moved to a different system. STAY AWAY FROM DOMAIN MONGER. Ray, if you ever visit our nation’s capital, look me up. Seriously. I’m not a telephone tough-guy like you are. I prefer face-to-face interaction.

  15. avatar

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  18. avatar
    What's In A Name

    As has done nothing but play with their website design and functionality over the last two years, it’s hard to understand this statement: “When I say that everything is easy I mean that they have actually put some thought into their user interface and it’s remained almost the same for the time I have been an account holder there.” They’re constantly playing with where the login is, how to bulk renew etc. In addition, they recently updated their user agreement and are unable o offer clarification when asked. was once a good company years ago but they’re now focused on being cute instead of professional and efficient.

    • avatar

      As of when writing this review I was happy with them. I do not like the new menus as it seems much harder to get anywhere, like my domains for example. Still better than sites like godaddy but it is too bad that they messed with it so much.

      Keep it simple, you don’t see google “optimizing” their search pages with a bunch of complicated menus.

  19. avatar
    Very upset guy

    This was my experience with GoDaddy. I checked their website and had some questions with their services and pricing plans. Opened a chat with their CSR and he kept insisting that I tell him the name I wanted for my domain. After several attempts I finally told him the name I was thinking of and he gave me some pricing. I felt that the pricing was rather weird and it was hard to piece together the details since it felt like everything was not transparent enough. Anyways, doing what a sane person will do, I told him I am relatively new to all these website thing, which I am, and will need to do more research on the matter before making a good decision.

    Within 24 hours, that domain name was registered by some Korean company (assuming it is Korean because the website has Korean characters). I came up with the name more than a year ago and it was available since then up until I told GoDaddy’s CSR. Maybe it was pure coincidence?

    As a counter argument, I was thinking that maybe because I was checking up that domain name with other websites as well (just input the name to see pricing), perhaps some websites have features to save the search and maybe register the name if they feel it meets certain desirable criteria based on special algorithms. This is possible, but do take note that I have been checking this domain name over the course of last year and just never really acted on it. Been lazy. It requires a lot of time off and building a website which I am very new to. Since this same activity was repeated over the course of the year, how come no websites stole the name up until 24 hours ago when I actually chat with someone over the matter? I am kind of shocked.

    If you feel that you are brave enough, try and do the same thing and contact their CSR and give them a name that you feel is rather desirable but not yet taken. Make sure you act genuine enough and after that turn them down. See what happens. To be fair, this may not be GoDaddy’s action but the action of the individual CSR since he can obviously misuse information. Anyways, time for me to go look for another domain name.

    Still in disbelief that I was robbed of an idea.

  20. avatar

    lol. Googled this article trying to find a replacement for horrible godaddy service. Will try your recommendation

  21. avatar

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    I don’t even know the way I stopped up here, however I assumed this publish was good.
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    already. Cheers!

  24. avatar cannot be the best registrar. If you register a domain there and don’t pay an additional amount for whois privacy, expect your whois information to be published on which is operated by There, your information can be indexed by search engines and in order to remove it, you will have to pay an additional amount of 30$ to Furthermore, you will have to buy whois privacy in order to protect your personal information from future publishing.

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    Register your domain name and Create your own professional
    website without having to study a manual or download software, choose from 100s of designs.
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