Guest Post – How to Develop A Web Page Using Weebly can help you in creating a web page easily. You need not to download any kind of software or get your domain registered for web hosting. You can instantly create your web page for within the browser.

Below mentioned steps will help you to develop your web page with the help of Weebly:

  1. Sign up process: First of all you have to sign in to Weebly so that you can create your web page. You just have to provide information like your name, email ID and password for your account. You can easily find the link for the same or you can Google it if you are facing any difficulty in finding it out. Then you have to click on the button to add site on the page of my sites. Provide a name for your website that will reflect as a title. Then the selection of the domain name has to be done.


  1. Selecting a design of template: At the top of your page, you will find out some options from which you have to click on option for design. It is available on the left side. You can select any of the templates that are designed by experts in this field. As per the requirement of your web page, you can choose the best template that suits your site. It would be applied instantly on your website whenever you will select it.


  1. Updation of homepage: After completing the above steps, your homepage would be created automatically but it would not be having anything associated with it. You have to add images, text and the required content for your web page. This process can be easily executed. Then you have to move back to the section of elements. Just drag the required elements on the page and start writing the essential content. Images can be easily uploaded from your PC.


  1. Adding pages: If you want to add some extra pages to your site then you can click on the tab for pages. Just click the option to add page and provide a suitable title to it. You can use dragging facility so that you can adjust it in the list of menu according to your preference. The best part is that you can add blogs on your site as well with proper functionality.


  1. Select the name of the domain and publish the web page: When you are done with the above mentioned steps then finally you have to select the domain name for your webpage. You can buy domain names as well on Weebly but they are a bit expensive. You can contact the providers of domain name as well if you are facing any kind of problem in selecting the domain name. Finally, publish the web page online so that people can come to know about your web page over the net. You can make full utilization of Weebly for creation of your website as steps are simple and you can do it on your own.

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