Computer Karaoke Software or Home Karaoke Equipment – Solving the Dilemma

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There are only few other entertainment activities that can bring as much fun, joy and excitement as karaoke does. Actually, it is one of the most favorite pastimes for millions of people around the Globe of all ages, lifestyles and interests. Everyone loves singing as a natural way to express feelings and emotions. Singing is also an amazing activity having magic power to reduce stress, lift spirits and improve overall well-being. Karaoke provides a remarkable opportunity to show our singing passion and  spend a lovely time together with our family and friends.

As you probably know, for great many years karaoke fun used to be available at special karaoke clubs and restaurants only. However, with the appearance of karaoke machines this situation has changed completely and karaoke fans got a splendid opportunity to move their favorite pastime to the comfort of their own homes, where they can share a karaoke singing passion together with like-minded persons. Later, karaoke CD+G systems and DVD players with the built-in karaoke function appeared on the market. In comparison to bulky karaoke machines, they are rather light-weight and compact, but also require some additional equipment units, like a microphone, TV or monitor, various cables and accessories.

The latest innovation that made substantial contribution to home karaoke entertainment opportunities are computer karaoke programs and applications. Typically, they are easy to install and come with a rather extensive toolkit, so that any standard computer can turn into a fully-functional karaoke machine, but only at a fraction of its price and with no additional hardware or accessories required.

In such a way, today for anyone, who wants to enjoy karaoke at home, are typically offered two options to choose from – specific karaoke equipment or PC programs. Both of them allow to enjoy karaoke entertainment at home in full, while the second one delivers actually more advantages in terms of functionality, usability, flexibility and pricing. That’s why, many karaoke fans still tend to be embarrassed with the dilemma of choosing an ideal solution. The information below is intended to outline main benefits of computer-based karaoke systems and will help you make the most deliberate choice.

No Extra Hardware or Tools

In fact, today with the technological progress having reached extreme heights, any computer with standard functionality may serve as a full-fledged media entertainment center allowing to play any audio and video files in just a few mouse clicks. Moreover, there is no longer the necessity to purchase a professional karaoke microphone to sing, since you can use your personal home PC MIC.

Advanced Functionality

Modern computer karaoke systems are functional and powerful enough to match the needs and requirements of anyone keen on karaoke – professional singers, amateurs and even KJs (karaoke jockeys). Apart from ripping and playing karaoke tracks and videos, they provide a wide range of additional, yet highly advantageous opportunities, which are simply impossible with traditional karaoke machines and player systems, for example: adjusting the key and tempo of a song to suit perfectly singer’s voice, removing lead vocals from non-karaoke recordings, recording your voice and then playing recorded files, customizing song background with various special effects and even with your own images, videos and many others.

Today karaoke software development field can offer an extensive selection of other useful applications in addition to the standard functionality, such as karaoke CD+G/DVD burners and rippers, CD+G track creators, karaoke video makers, sound processing tools, CD+G to video and CD+G to MP4 converters to name a few. From now on you can create a professional karaoke studio just using your standard home PC.

Multi-Format Support

The majority of modern computer karaoke players are designed as multi-format solutions allowing to play and manage songs of virtually all karaoke formats available today, including: CD+G, MP3G, ZIP, MIDI karaoke, BIN, KMA, MCG , CDA as well as various multimedia files, such as AVI, MPEG and MP4. With Internet access available, you can also play YouTube karaoke videos.

No More Disc Hassles

As you probably guess, software solutions allow to play karaoke tracks just from your computer hard disk drive, so that you will no longer have to deal with a bunch of discs to store or worry about your favorite karaoke discs getting dirty, scratched or damaged. If your guests come to your home karaoke party with their own karaoke discs, no problem as you will be able to play them just from your built-in CD/DVD drive as well.

Moreover, with a karaoke creator program installed, you will also avoid spending a fortune on purchasing karaoke discs or downloading karaoke tracks from the Internet.

Easy Song Search

The most advanced software solutions come with a powerful, smart database search option integrated to ensure your ultimate convenience when searching any necessary karaoke tracks. It scans the hard disk, indexes karaoke files and provides an easy-to-use search interface to find karaoke songs in a matter of a few seconds.

To sum up, karaoke computer programs and applications are definitely the perfect choice for anyone willing to enjoy ultimate karaoke experience at home in a convenient manner and without spending a fortune.

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