The Better Alternative To Wysija - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

I had been using Wysija to send out newsletters to my subscribers for a while now. However as my list of subscribers grows it is becoming harder and harder to manage and therefore I had to find an alternative to Wysija which was not up to the task.

In this case I stumbled upon a nice WordPress plugin called MyMail which has been feaured on CodeCanyon, one of my favorite places to look for scripts and ideas. After looking through the features I immediately bought the plugin and tried it on my blog.

What can I say? I love it!

It simply works and does everything I want it to do.

Let's begin with the template system.


As you can see above, it is nice, clean and easy to use. The thorough documentation gives a great understanding of how to use the template tags to automatically fill in information for posts. In this case I had the template set up as an "autoresponder" which will send an automatic email to any one of the lists I have 10 minutes after I make a post. Scheduling is easy as you can see below.


Here I can choose how long the autoresponder should wait before sending out my newsletter. I can of course change the reason why it was sent out. Currently I have this set to "something has been published" however I can change this to trigger on a new user registration for example.

I can even test how "spammy" my mail is and directly send a test email to see how things look.

Importing my list of subscribers from Wysija was easy as Wysija allows for a CSV export which you can simly drag and drop in the form shown below.


In addition, the settings for this plugin are extensive which makes it soo much better than anything else I have used.

Here I can handle bounced messages.


It also had a nice little feature to help me setup SPF records and DKIM as seen here.


Overall I am really impressed with this plugin and it even came with a nice little widget :)


Before I found MyMail I had looked at possibly using Mailchimp or Wysija's premium. However, after finding MyMail I am extremely satisfied with running my own newsletter service.

Please let me know if I missed anything! I would love to hear your experiences with newsletter services and plugins. Feel free to get in touch with me at any time.





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cool, but tell me something, I tested this plugin, it sends the bad autorespoder the list, but if I create an email autoresponder after the person entered on the list it will not get that sequence, this happens with vc tbm? know if this problem is to fix?

Markus Tenghamn
Posted: 2014-06-24T12:03:48+02:00

I'm not sure what exactly you are trying to do. The autoresponder feature works fine for me. If you are having issues you can always ask the author directly here

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Very interesting! Thanks! I will try it

Posted: 2015-05-12T14:58:02+02:00

I am interested in an objective review about MyMail and MailPoet but having the affiliate link in all the MyMail links made me think that it is not an objective review. Can please answer the question that Andres asked about the size of your list?

Posted: 2016-02-12T16:05:13+01:00

I have a 5000 subscribers mailing list. I don't want to use mail chimp because a lot of my newsletters are not sales newsletters so I do not want to pay $150 per month. Is it possible for my mail to send out 5000 emails?

Markus Tenghamn
Posted: 2016-02-13T02:44:07+01:00

Yes, you can use MyMail to send out an pretty much unlimited amount of mail. It all depends on the limitations of your web host or server.

Posted: 2016-02-18T01:39:20+01:00

Hi , very good this product really is valuable , already I used some programs to manage my e-mail list , bad best of all it was the mymail , integrate it with my capture page with my blog , set up with an SMTP ( mandrill ) and it works very well , and autoresponder sending messages arrive with great quality , it is easy to assemble and has a great all customization is very profissonal the way I like it ! is always up to date , the only problem is that soon the value will increase, I strongly recommend that if you are interested in buying a good autoresponder manager that works with a profissonal appearance and easily integrates into your blog including every post he already sends automatically email your list ! that's fantastic , I recommend you see the plugin -demonstration before buying 'm sure you 'll like it too ! you can access here

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