5 IPhone Apps You Need To Have If You’re A Hiking Enthusiast

If you are a hiking lover who owns an iPhone, there are a number of fantastic apps that can enhance your outdoor experience. Right from giving you information on the best hiking trails, to tracking your hikes, to helping you survive emergency situations in the wild, to helping you click ultimate photos of your adventure, these apps are pretty much a hikers dream come true. So if you’re a hiking enthusiast, mentioned below are 5 awesome iPhone apps that you definitely need to have a look at.

Point de Vue

Love escaping to higher altitudes for some heavy-duty hiking every now and then? If yes, look no further than Point de Vue. Specially designed for mountain lovers, Point de Vue is an incredible app that can give you all the possible information that you need about the mountains around you. This includes the distance, elevation, and summit of mountains within a 125 mile radius from where the hiker is standing. The app synthesizes the landscape and lets you identify summits as far as 200 km away from your location. This app comes in particularly handy during cloudy weather, since you still get to view the landscape and summit from your location irrespective of the bad weather – brilliant!


If you like taking off on long leisure walks into the woods while enjoying some peaceful time amidst nature, this is the app you need. Whether you’re into walking, hiking, or even mountain biking, AllTrails is pretty much one of the best apps out there. The app is armed with a host of awesome features that will help you locate beautiful trails around you or around the place you intend to go to. The app’s database is packed with more than 40,000 trails along with guides and useful comments from other users, as well as added information on things like fly fishing grounds, snowshoeing, biking trails, and other such activities. What’s more, the app also allows users to add new trails using the GPS trackers, edit existing trails, upload their own trail reviews, and add images of the trail.


Are you a frequent hiker? Does hiking top your list when it comes to fulfilling health and fitness goals? If yes, MapMyHike is the perfect app for you. MapMyHike is an incredible app that uses the built-in GPS system of your phone and then allows you to track all your hikes and monitor your progress and performance over time. The app is pretty straightforward and is simple to operate. Just hit the trail you’re onto and the app will record essential stats such as the distance, duration, pace, speed, calories burnt, as well as elevation. Once you’re through with your hike, you can then have a look at the recorded data, which automatically gets uploaded onto MapMyHike.com, from where you can view your route and a comprehensive history about your workouts. Overall, this app is an ideal tool to enhance your fitness level and keep a track on your treks!

Army Survival for iPad/iPhone

No doubt, hiking and camping are activities that are not only good for health and fitness, but are challenging and fun too! However, nature can never be predicted and you never know when you might get caught up with an emergency situation while you’re out and about hiking in the open. So basically, there is no guarantee how smooth your adventure is going to be. For such situations, the best bet is to be prepared and to have the Army Survival app on your smart phone! Right from making emergency shelters, to desert survival, to predicting weather, finding directions, finding water, to differentiating between poisonous and non-poisonous berries, to much more, this app has it all. The app provides a comprehensive reference guide on first aid, basic survival, evasion, and recovery information. This is the perfect app to help you survive and return alive if you were to be caught in a forbidding situation.


If you’re a frequent camper or hiking enthusiast, one thing for certain is that you love clicking hundreds of beautiful pictures from your hike, to show to family and loved ones. Whether you love capturing breathtaking sceneries and landscape, or like snapping stunning photos of the flora, fauna, and wildlife that you come across along your trek, or even if you fancy clicking a quick selfie on the top of a cliff, ProCamera will make sure you bring the best visual memories back home. The app gives users a host of nifty capturing and photo editing options such as setting focus, exposure, saturation, contrast, cropping, applying filters, rotating, and so on. With an intuitive design and amazing photo options, this app is definitely the perfect tool to help you capture the best moments of your adventure!

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This article is authored by Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Walk ‘N Comfort, the suppliers of orthopedic walking shoes in Toronto. She loves to play the guitar in her spare time and is a massive Jimi Hendrix fan. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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