5 Awesome IPhone Apps To Help You Shed Those Extra Pounds

The following is a guest post by Nancy Baker, enjoy!

Want to lose some weight? Well, your smartphone can help you with that too! Thanks to technology, you can lay your hands on some exceptional apps out there which can help you with all your weight loss and dieting needs. Just with the help of a little bit of effort and dedication from your side, these apps can help you work wonders on your body. What follows is a list of five iPhone apps that will help you get into those slim fit denims you’ve always fancied!

Lose it!

Looking to get rid of some of that extra body fat? Trying to get in shape for an upcoming function? If yes, have a go at Lose It to help you lose weight! Designed to help you lose weight in a healthy, sustainable manner, Lose It! is a brilliant app that provides you with a nifty weight loss program that helps you stay in your calorie budget. Furthermore, the app features a barcode scanner, a recipe builder, as well as a comprehensive food database. The app is also equipped with a nifty nutrient tracker to help users keep track of the proteins, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fat, sodium, sugars, and fiber they consume. This way you not only work on your weight, but you can also keep a tab on the nutritional value of the food that you consume!


If you’re serious about losing weight, Fooducate is yet another standout diet app that can take you closer to your goal. Unlike most diet apps that focus on losing weight, Fooducate takes up a different approach altogether. Fooducate is all about helping users modify their eating habits and focus more on healthy eating habits. This is an app which aims to educate users about the food items they pick up at grocery stores. This is done with the help of the app’s handy barcode scanner which highlights the attributes of each product on a health grade from A to F. This way, users can get a nutritional rating for every food product that they buy. Basically, if you’re looking to make better choices at the supermarket, Fooducate with its wealth of information and user reviews on majority of the foods that you consume on a daily basis is an ideal app to help you eat healthy.

Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker

Arguably one of the most popular diet apps you could lay your hands on, MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker is the ultimate app for all your dieting needs. An app that is extremely easy to use, Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker is armed with an efficient calorie counter that helps you set up a neat daily calorie goal to help you achieve your objective. What’s more, the app is packed with an exhaustive food database of more than two million foods featuring on its list, giving you access to nutritional information about the products you pick up from your supermarket. To top it up, this awesome app also features a barcode scanner that lets you have a look at what’slurking in your favorite food items and allows you to tally the calories you are consuming every day.

Fitness Buddy

Want to have a go at some exercises to help you shed some extra pounds? Besides modifying your food habits, regular exercise and an efficient fitness regime are bound to help you get into perfect shape. Loaded with over 1700 exercises and more than 1000 nifty videos with detailed instructions, this app is as good as having your very personal trainer at the tap of a finger! The various videos and exercises featuring in this app are divided into specific categories such as chest, shoulders, lower body, arms, back, cardio, core, and stretches. This makes it easy for users to navigate and search for their favorite workouts. If you have fixed goals in your mind such as build chest, tone thighs, flatten tummy, and so on, this app will provide you with ideal workout routines. What’s more, the app also tracks and plans your exercise regime and keeps an eye on your blood pressure, weight, and overall body progress!


If you want to lose weight, running is undoubtedly one of the best ways out there to get the job done. The app has a brilliant interface which is not only easy and convenient to navigate, but is fun to use too. The app makes use of the GPS on your phone to track a number of fitness activities besides running such as hiking, cycling, walking, running, and so on. Based on your activity, the app gives out a comprehensive report mentioning a number of stats which include heart rate, distance covered, pace, calories burnt, time taken, and more. Furthermore, the app even goes on to store a history of your runs, pace and personal bests, which makes it easy for you to monitor your progress. So if there’s one fitness app that is for keeps, it’s got to be Runkeeper!


Author Bio:

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for HCG Blue Bottle, leaders in the HCG diet plan. She takes keen interest in yoga and is great with gymnastics. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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