4 Amazing iOS Apps That Will Make You a Happy Cyclist


The Following is a guest post by Nancy Baker, enjoy! Prefer riding your bike to work rather than your car? Do you consider cycling to be the best way to go green and reduce the carbon footprint in the environment? Is cycling your favorite way of working out? Well, whatever be the reason, cycling is a great activity that has ... Read More »

5 Essential iPhone Apps to Manage Your Air Travel like a Pro


The following is a guest post by Nancy Baker, enjoy! Air travel might seem like the most convenient and effortless way to travel, right? But let’s face it, things like crowded airports, flight delays, last minute reservations, security checks, luggage check-ins, and keeping all those important documents handy can make the whole thing seem a tad overwhelming. Listed below are ... Read More »

The Best New Devices to Come Out in the Last Two Years


The following is a guest post by Nancy Baker who writes regularly for MarkusTenghamn.com, I hope you enjoy it! This article lists exciting devices that have been released lately in order to highlight the innovation and forward momentum in the technology industry lately. Some commentators are describing the last years of technology as being dull and uninteresting and back this ... Read More »

Start Earning Money In Just Minutes With CashCow


CashCow is a WordPress plugin from codecanyon which makes it super easy to get going as an envato affiliate. All you will need to do is to get a domain, setup your WordPress site and configure the plugin. I used an old domain that I had laying around and had this all done in less than 10 minutes and you ... Read More »

9 Astounding Creations You Can Make With 3D Printers


The following is a guest post by Garry Forster, enjoy! The marriage of machines and computers was inevitable. The last three decades sent out clear signals. Today, this amalgamation has resulted in the birth of programmed mechanical devices which can perform astonishing tasks with minimum effort and time. These machines are also called robots and a 3D printer is one ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide To Speeding Up Your PC and/or Mac 2014


There are many guides out there that will explain different ways of speeding up your PC or Mac. But be careful as some websites are simply repeating the same old solutions that don’t work or perhaps they have some hidden motives to get you to download malware which will possible slow your computer down even more. I have compiled the ... Read More »

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