About me

I consider myself a backend PHP developer, self taught with over 10 years of experience.

My skillset is not limited to PHP, I have held many roles that allowed me to learn and master other areas such as server management, cloud hosting, node.js and golang. A lot of my most recent work involves real time analysis and processing of data for some of the largest companies in Scandinavia.

I love the work that I do and here on my blog you will find posts about things that I find interesting and hopefully others will find them helpful. My blog is a bit of an experiment where I try to show off my work related to optimization and web development. Read more about what interests me and if you have a question or have something that you think might interest me then feel free to contact me.


Post updates to Slack with PHP

What is Slack So if you haven't heard of Slack yet then you should probably check it out. I use it for work to communicate more easily with colleauges and also organize information better, I even set one up for myself at tenghamn.slack.com. Slack is free to use with premium features starting at $8 per user. How to create a Slack bot You will need to pay for Slack in order to create bots I believe. Bots are referred to as integrations on Slack and are managed in the same way as all of your other integrations. ... [Read more]

Tracking UPAA numbers from Ebay's Global Shipping Program

Recently I made a purchase from an Ebay seller in Texas and had the item shipped via Ebay's Global Shipping Program. This means that the seller will send the item to a location that they receive from Ebay, usually Erlanger, Kentucky. This location is where Ebay handles orders in their Global Shipping Program which will then send your order to your country where it will be handled by whatever local carrier handles shipping in your country. You will most likely receive a tracking number that has the UPAAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX format along with perhaps another tracking number. The other number is ... [Read more]

The Best Git Client Is Coming To Windows!

I was recently invited to test out the Tower for Windows beta and it is now public and available to everyone, head over to the sign up page to try it for yourself right now! Tower has been a great tool for me as a web developer and programmer. As I get more and more serious about the work I do, and as the projects get more complicated, I feel that the need for something like Git becomes really important to keep track of things. This is especially true for things that others work on, I like to be able ... [Read more]