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Markus TenghamnSee Markus Tenghamn’s latest startups: Anveto which will give you detailed user statistics and make sure that your site is running smoothly, and Changr, an idea which will make you rethink the way you buy and trade!

Markus Tenghamn is an entrepreneur and programmer involved in many startups. A programmer and web developer at heart Markus spends most of his time programming PHP applications but also works a lot with mobile app development.

Never letting a moment go to waste, Markus prefers to spend his free time learning more about quantum physics, dark matter, and black holes. “One of my dreams would be to one day work in this field where I could utilize my programming skills to help solve some of the problems that we are trying to solve.”

Have questions, ideas or just want to chat? Don’t hesitate to contact me, I usually respond within a few hours or less!


How To Use A CDN To Improve Your Websites Performance

How To Use A CDN To Improve Your Websites Performance

Every day we are getting more and more connected allowing users from all over the world to visit your website. However your website is located on a server which is most likely close to your location. This means that while your site loads fast for you it may be a different story for users in other parts of the world. ... Read More »

10 Free High Quality WordPress Themes For Your Website In 2015

Spotlight Free Wordpress Theme

I have compiled a list of some really good free WordPress themes that you can get at no cost at all. Most WordPress themes are easy to install on an existing WordPress site, however, if you need help getting started we can set up and configure your WordPress site for around $100. Feel free to get in touch with me ... Read More »

Using A Theme Vs. A Custom Design For Your Business Website

I have worked as a web developer for over 8 years now and I have learned a lot from the time I started with clients ranging from artists/authors who needed a personal page to multinational corporations who had more complex requirements. I have also used themes for clients in addition to designing or finding someone who will make a custom ... Read More »

Git Has Stopped Working [APPCRASH, ntdll.dll]

I am leaving this mostly as a not for myself and in the hope that it may help someone. If you have recently installed or updated Airfoil then this may be the cause of your issue as described here. You could try uninstalling or disabling the Instant On feature of airfoil but if it does not work you can edit ... Read More »

Let Over 900,000+ Designers Compete For Your Next Design Project!


Have you ever needed a design for a logo, website, or perhaps a book cover designed and don’t know where to find a good designer then 99Designs is the place to go! 99Designs will guide you through the process of putting up a design request from their pre-made packages, your project will then be posted in their marketplace where more ... Read More »

World of Tanks Review With Gameplay!

World of Tanks Review

I have been playing World of Tanks for about 2 years now and it is a really fun game. You can see my profile here, feel free to add me, I play very casually and my favorite type of tank is artillery. Hopefully my review will show why it is such a fun game and why it is definitely worth ... Read More »

Free Software For Students

Microsoft Dreamspark

As a computer science student I have learned of many places where I can find software and resources to help me with my studies. Over time I have been able to compile a list of a lot of the free software that you can receive as a student. These are real offers from companies like Microsoft, Autodesk and more! Below ... Read More »

Web Templates, Graphics, Animation, Sounds, Scripts And More Freebies This Month Only!

HTML5 Photography Portfolio with Shop

Its the beginning of a new month and that means more freebies from the Envato marketplace! HTML5 Photography Portfolio with Shop We begin with a photography portfolio HTML5 template with shop functions to purchase images. The template is fully customizable with any HTML editor out there and the shop function is optional. Click here to sign up at Themeforest at ... Read More »

Civilization: Beyond Earth Review With Gameplay!


Civilization: Beyond Earth is finally out! I have been a Civilization fan ever since playing the first versions of the game as a child and this new release brought some of that excitement back again. Here you will see some gameplay from a multiplayer game against BigSwedish, you will find the rest of the review below the video, hope you ... Read More »

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