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Markus TenghamnSee Markus Tenghamn’s latest startups: Anveto which will give you detailed user statistics and make sure that your site is running smoothly, and Changr, an idea which will make you rethink the way you buy and trade!

Markus Tenghamn is an entrepreneur and programmer involved in many startups. A programmer and web developer at heart Markus spends most of his time programming PHP applications but also works a lot with mobile app development.

Never letting a moment go to waste, Markus prefers to spend his free time learning more about quantum physics, dark matter, and black holes. “One of my dreams would be to one day work in this field where I could utilize my programming skills to help solve some of the problems that we are trying to solve.”

Have questions, ideas or just want to chat? Don’t hesitate to contact me, I usually respond within a few hours or less!

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